Dr. Bernard's coaching philosophy is grounded in theories of motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy.  With a focus on personal values and how they are expressed at work, Dr. Bernard helps clients leverage their personal resources to achieve professional fulfillment and work-life balance.  


Underlying Motivations

Dr. Bernard guides her clients through a series of inquiries aimed at uncovering  underlying motivations and goals in each arena of life.  She  skillfully extracts her client's personal strengths and uses these to build their sense of self-efficacy around accomplishing their goals.

Pulling away the storm to find the sunse

Dysfunctional Beliefs

Dysfunctional beliefs about one's competence or worthiness can decrease productivity and increase stress at work.  Dr. Bernard uses tools from her psychiatry practice to help clients adapt dysfunctional thought patterns into empowering beliefs and healthier work behaviors.

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Finding Balance

Dr. Bernard inspires her clients to create and maintain work-life balance by combining well articulated goals with empowering self beliefs.  Understanding underlying motivations and dysfunctional beliefs allows clients to maximum efforts and overcome barriers.