Work wellness is a shared endeavor.  Executives, directors, managers, team leaders, and individual employees alike are all accountable for maintaining the level of organizational and personal wellness that propels a business forward, maintains the gains, and inspires employee retention.  Advisors at Bernard Work Wellness, a subsidiary of Bernard Wellness Initiative, work alongside organizational stakeholders to foster wellness at work.




Bernard Wellness Initiative addresses individual, team and organizational wellness factors. Dr. Kari Bernard is a healthcare worker first and an industrial psychologist second - she understands the issues as a worker but creates expert solutions based on the latest research.  




Bernard Wellness Initiative conducts workplace assessments, creates educational programs targeting wellness topics most helpful to your workforce, and provides one-on-one coaching to employees. 




Bernard Wellness Initiative event planners work with organizations to design and execute meaningful events for stakeholders.


“Kari, your presentation on work related burnout was very relevant.  Many senior military personnel tend to forget the personal and professional impacts of pushing ourselves to our limits for extended amounts of time.  Your briefing was an outstanding reminder to those senior members and an awesome wakeup to those younger members that may have not heard it before.  Overall, you provided a wonderful presentation, and I look forward to your next briefing on Emotional Intelligence.”

— JD Williams, SMSgt, USAF
Operations Coordinator (OPSCO), US Embassy Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia