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Dr. Kari Bernard, PhD, PA-C​

Coaching, Education & Assessments

Meet Kari

PA, Coach, Industrial Psychologist

Bernard Work Wellness was born out of the emotional strain of working in medicine.  Dr. Kari Bernard was a mid-career physician assistant when she transitioned into emergency medicine.  Within one year, she developed the telltale signs of burnout.  


Dread marked the beginning of every shift.  Patients no longer inspired compassion or kindness.  In an effort to salvage her passion for healing, she made the difficult decision to leave full-time clinical practice after only 10 years.


Dr. Bernard exchanged the emergency room for the classroom and began teaching PA students.  Her passion reignited, she began exploring factors that had burned her out in the ER.  Collaborating with PA faculty across the United States, she integrated clinician wellness training into the existing PA curriculum.  She also completed a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and earned a certificate in Evidence-based Coaching. 

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"Dr. Bernard has a soft humanistic approach that liberates you as her client to comfortably tell her everything needed to bring out the best representation of yourself.  At the same time, she holds you accountable for following through on the identified goals from the previous coaching sessions." 

- Steve Reeves, Executive coach

“I find my time with Dr. Bernard to be valuable and insightful.  She uses curiosity to understand and gently offers perspective while challenging me to shift my lens or reframe situations.  I'm grateful for her impact.”

- Denise Coslett, PA-C 
Clinical Director

"Dr. Bernard has the ability, experience, education, and knowledge to layout important second and third-order effects when we discussed career decisions. I believe working with Dr. Bernard has directly led me to make better career decisions and in turn, become more successful."

Tom McArthur, PA-C

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