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Wellness Education Programs

Dr. Bernard designs and delivers synchronous or on-demand virtual programs aimed at educating employees on core work wellness topics.  She also tailors educational programs to the unique needs of individual workplaces.  Dr. Bernard uses dynamic software platforms that are more engaging than typical PowerPoint or Zoom presentations - see Samples below.  Delivery of live programs may be arranged.


Traditional Speaker Format

Kari delivers monologue-style presentations with designer captions or dynamic slide shows with aesthetic transitions.  Hover mouse over video to hear sound.


Animated-Explainer Format

Using animation software, Kari designs brief videos explaining high-impact concepts in an entertaining format.  Hover mouse over video to hear sound.


Doodle Video Format

With Doodle drawing software, Kari creates visually engaging videos on core wellness topics or tailored to individual workplaces.  Hover mouse over video to hear sound.


Live Wellness Education Event

Leveraging her extensive network, Kari designs live virtual events featuring top wellness experts.  Hover mouse over video to hear sound.

What Our Clients Say

Michelle Dibaise, DHSc, PA-C, DFAAPA

Chair, Program Director, Professor

"As a leading expert in organizational psychology, Dr. Bernard has worked with our program to identify the signs of burnout, but even more importantly provided ways to decrease stress and improve work-life balance through an in-person workshop. Dr. Bernard was also instrumental in developing a Provider Wellness five-module series that dives deeper into the causes of burnout and offers tips for provider wellness. We have been able to share this insightful CME experience not only with our faculty but with our clinical preceptors." 

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